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We went to desalvador to buy a plot of rural land with an unfinished construction on it.

Pelayo quickly made a precise analysis of the situation of the plot and all its characteristics. Thanks to his knowledge, we were able to explain the situation of the plot to the vendor, which enabled us to close the purchase negotiation very swiftly. Pelayo was with us throughout the purchase operation.

I was very happy with his professionalism and humanity. Thanks to him, I was completely confident that what I was buying was legal and that I wouldn’t have any problems in the future.

Patricia Guasp Ripa

Palma de Mallorca, España

I’ve been working for five years with Pelayo de Salvador Morell, during which time I have received excellent service in terms of quality and speed. The main difference compared to other real estate lawyers with whom I have worked is his very extensive knowledge of the sector at a retail level, as well as tremendous flexibility in bringing contracts to fruition without getting bogged down in minor details that don’t add any value to the real estate operation.

I hope to continue counting on his support and knowledge for many years to come.

José Alberto Íñigo

Acquisition manager Sur at KFC Restaurants España, S.L.U.

We contacted Pelayo and from the first moment we felt totally supported. Pelayo advised us when signing the different contracts with the housing cooperative, and helped us to understand what we were signing. He cleared up all our concerns and fears.

His assistance put us in a stronger negotiating position and gave us the peace of mind of knowing that we were getting the right advice.

Álvaro Blázquez Martín


A very professional job that gave me a lot of confidence, taking care of even the smallest detail and supporting me throughout the process.

Daniel P. Espinosa


Right from the first moment you feel that he is fully committed: he made a study of the legal and urban planning situation to identify and anticipate potential problems and resolve them before the purchase. The fact that the firm works in coordination with architects helps you to understand the urban planning issues of real estate.

At all times I felt supported and that I was getting the right advice. I received a very professional, friendly and highly educational service, as he explained every detail of the operation throughout the process, which gave me tremendous peace of mind.

Juan Carlos de Juan Serra


First Pelayo and then Marta have been in charge of all Jandri's real estate affairs for years.

In addition to their impeccable work, we must highlight their responsibility, technical knowledge and professionalism. 

Our confidence in them is 100%.

Alejandro Feo Palacios

Manager at Jandri, S.A.
Madrid, España

I had a legal and professional problem in my business that I didn't know how to deal with. I went to them and from the first minute they were all solutions and words of calm, what a pleasure and peace of mind to have put myself in their hands!

Alejandro Marugán

Tres por cuatro
Madrid, Spain