Smart Real Estate Law

At desalvador, we believe that the law can be practised in a different way: our approach is flexible, accessible, understandable, and focused on you and your business. 

We are at your service to help you with every kind of real estate law issue.

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What is Smart Real Estate Law?

desalvador puts all our experience and knowledge of real estate law at your service to help you with both real estate operations and the legal management of your properties. 
SMART REAL ESTATE LAW is a practical vision aimed at meeting your goals with security and confidence. 

How can we help you?

We provide comprehensive legal advice on real estate law:

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How do we work with you?

Each situation requires a particular solution. There are no two identical solutions, because the circumstances surrounding each scenario are different.

In order to understand the nuances of each case and to be able to translate them into legal language, we have developed a specific working methodology. In this way, we can achieve our goal of providing you with legal advice that is tailored to your needs.

What do our clients say about us?

desalvador are real experts in real estate law. They have in-depth knowledge of the different branches involved in each operation and they always surprise you by going one step further:

• 360º advice: they analyse the operations from both a legal and a technical standpoint. To put it graphically: they are lawyers who are used to putting on a builder’s helmet!

• Flexibility: they have a practical vision of the law, which allows them to adapt to the different realities and needs of their clients. Unlike other lawyers, they avoid taking rigid or excessively dogmatic positions. They put themselves in their clients’ shoes.

• Support: their involvement in operations from start to finish brings you a real sense of security and peace of mind.

Iñaki Caro Unsaín

BCN Godia, S.L.
Barcelona, España

They have tremendous knowledge, and their responses are both diligent and very trustworthy, which means they always give you their honest opinion about the legal situation of the operation and are willing to help in every decision.

Sofía Elisabeth Costa

San Francisco, California, EEUU

Thanks to their careful due diligence, we discovered legal issues on some of the properties we were interested in, so we finally changed the subject. They have been very timely in their communications, extremely correct and great partners while negotiating.

I would recommend (and have already recommended) desalvador., their services and knowledge to several friends and business partners who are busy or interested in buying property on Mallorca. You simply cannot go wrong, thanks to his knowledge, advice and partnership.

Jeroen Van Holst

Almelo, Holanda